Monday, March 30, 2009

Epilepsy Walk at the Zoo!

On saturday we went on the 8th annual Epilepsy Walk, and it was at the Phoenix Zoo! It was so much fun, and coop loved seeing the animals. We stayed out there pretty much all day, and then had a BBQ at my mom's house afterwards. They even have a new sting ray exhibit where you can reach in and touch them. So rawn layed cooper on the edge of the pool, and as soon as a stingray swam by, Cooper reached right in and touched it, so we had to buy him a shirt from the gift shop that says "I touched a stingray at the Phoenix Zoo" I wish i had pictures of him touching it, but that was the last thing we did at the zoo, and my camera died! Oh well!


Tayler and Eric Richardson said...

these pictures are so cute. i had so much fun with you guys and coop!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, well its happened we are moving to Utah on tues the 7th of April, we will miss you but keep in touch with blogging so you can get the scoop. See ya, the mccurdy's