Monday, July 27, 2009

Cooper playing with his splashmat and pool!

Here are a few pics of coop playing in the backyard with his pool and splashmat he got for his birthday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coop's Potty!

On July 19th Coop went #1 and #2 (i didn't wanna be gross) on his potty! So me and Rawn got all excited and clapped for him. So I told Rawn to go get cooper 1 M&M while I cleaned the potty chair...I came out of the bathroom and Coop had different colors smeared all over his face! Appearantly Rawn thought 10 M&M's would be more appropriate!

Maylea's Haircut

I was so sick and tired of Maylea's long black hair getting EVERYWHERE! but i totally didn't wanna pay Petsmart $35 to cut it! So i put May's leash on her and tied her to the bathroom door knob and got the clippers and shaved her, and it turned out pretty good! I could not believe how much hair came off of such a small dog! She looks so skinny now without all that hair...maybe I should go get a haircut! JK

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Summer Vacation in Pinetop!

Coop asleep on Gram's lap after their morning walk

Mike, Brooke, Rawn, and I playing Badminton

Coop and Rawn at Big Lake

Here is Cooper enjoying his new favorite food...ribs with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce!

This was by far Coop's favorite vacation activity: throwing everything he could find, especially things that weren't his, over the baby gate!

My crawdad!

Here are a bajillion pictures from our vacation up to Pinetop, with my family. We went up thursday the 2nd, and came home the folowing sunday, and it was awesome! It was my mom, Mike, Brooke, Rawn, Cooper, and I in a cabin. We went fishing, played games, went to some sweet garage sales :) and Rawn and I beat Mike and Brooke in the Ward Wiffleball World Series! My mom and MIke were the only ones who got fish, but I caught a crawdad! We all had so much fun together, and a special thanks to my mom for the wonderful vacation! (and to TJ for watching our dogs at the last minute!)

Diamondbacks Game!

Here's a few pics from the D-Backs game we went to a few weeks ago with Rory, Uncle Norman, and Grandpa Jim! It was so much fun, and Coop loved it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coop's new hair cut!

So i did something i swore i would never, ever do again in a million years...i cut cooper's hair again. Last time was not so pretty...i'm sure you all remember. This time, however, turned out pretty dang cute. i cut it pretty short on the top and we put wax in it and kinds spike it to the middle and pointed front/downwards. i really like it, so here are some pics! (sorry i dont have any pics of the first time i attempted to play barber shop with him, i refused to take any pictures!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Tanner!

On friday we went to Tanner's 2nd Birthday at Peter Piper Pizza! It was great and everyone had so much fun! Happy Birthday Tanner, we love you!