Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cooper's 1yr/4 Generation Pictures!

On saturday we went to Portrait Innovations and had Cooper's 1yr pics done, and we also had a 4 generation pic with Cooper, Rawn, Rory, and Grandpa Jim, and they all turned out so great!

The Beast!

This is The Beast, and it now inhabits my living room (because it's the only place big enough in my entire house for it!) Cooper got it at Toys R Us this weekend, when we took him there so he could spend his birthday money, and this is what we came home with. A special thanks to Aunt Julie, Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Walt, and TJ for the b-day money/giftcard!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here is coop's 1st swim class at Aqua-Tots, where he is in the tadpoles class!

Cooper's Birthday Party!

Coop had a great 1st birthday party. He had a blast (except he hated his cake!) And the kids had so much fun with the waterballoons! Thank you to everyone who made his birthday so great!

Cooper's 1st Birthday!

Friday the 22nd was Cooper's first birthday, so i wanted to make it a really fun day for him. First, he slept in until 10 o'clock! When he got up, i took a pic of him at 10:22am (exactly one year old). Then he ate the panackes i made him for breakfast. Then we took him to the mall for lunch and rode the carousel (which he didn't like). Then he played in the indoor playground at the mall for over and hour! He loved that!

Emma's Talent Show!

Here is my niece Emma cheerleading in her school's talent show! She did so great!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Here are some cute misc. pics of Coop

Mother's Day!

Here's a picture of me and Cooper on my 1st Mothers Day. It was so awesome being able to celebrate Mother's day this year (last year i was 18 months pregnant). Cooper is the greatest thing in the whole world and he can make the worst day 1000 times better with his smile! He brings so much happiness and I love him so much!


Here are some pics from Easter at my Nana's and at Rory and Vicki's!

Swimming with friends!

Rawn, Cooper, and I went over to our friends Patrick and McKayla's new apartment and went swimming! We had so much fun together and Cooper loved the pool. Coop was so funny when we went back to their apartment after swimming, and he was playing with Patrick, so whenever Patrick would put his head down, Cooper would crawl over to him as fast as he could and lay his head down right on top of Patrick's!