Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are some cute pictures i took of Cooper. He loves going to the park and swinging, even tho it puts him to sleep. And its so weird, whenever he is in the swing, he won't ever look at anyone or smile at the camera or anything. It's like his in his own little Cooper zone or something! The other pics are of Coop and Rawn. He gets so excited when Rawn gets home from work and he wants to play with his Daddy. The last pics are of coop after a messy chicken and stars dinner!


Big Red said...

Oh my Gosh, he is absolutely adorable!
I love his pajamas!

Tayler and Eric Richardson said...
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Tayler and Eric Richardson said...

aww amanda, he is getting so big and is so cute. i can not wait to see him next week. :)