Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookies!!!

Savannah and I made and decorated a bunch of homemade sugar cookies! And Trev was such a big help, he cut out all my cookies and helped decorate too! Ok Savannah, this one turned out great, so you're allowed to plan stuff I guess!


Savannah said...

Today did turn out great!! :) (minus our early morning events)
I suppose I'll keep making plans, I guess....as long as they turn out like today did :)
We definately need to make this an annual event...it was really fun visiting and baking with you and my mom...and little Trev, Tanner and Cooper of coarse. Thanks for the fun times!!! I'll need to get a copy of your pictures from tonight...my camera died and I didn't get any pictures. Thanks for everything!!!!

Hey-you're seriously on top of things posting all of these fun posts....the night of!!! Your GREAT!! :)

See you guys soon!

Savannah said...

I forgot to mention RAWN!!!!!! Sorry Rawn.....(oops) I love you! Thanks for helping me soooo much playing with Little Trev and Tanner. You don't know how much something that simple (yet exhausting) means to me! I appreciate all that you guys do!!!

Let me know when you get your results for your PillCam! (we all know you will though, remember...."What's up?....UH, Nothing.....What's up?...." J/K You're funny Rawn!